Vibrant harbor town, Yawatahama, full of high spirit

Yawatahama, located at the base of Sadamisaki Peninsula, is a popular tourist destination recognized as “the town of fish,” for its flourishing fisheries, one of the best in Shikoku Island.

About Yawatahama

The entrance port town in the west of Shikoku Island, Yawatahama, full of natural resources

There are so many attractions one should try out in Yawatahama, some of which are introduced in this website. Please come-visit to have fun!

Map of tourist attractions

Fun town, Yawatahama, full of amusements, events and festivals

Please find events held in Yawatahama. We look forward to having you join us.

List of Events

Town for fine food lovers, Yawatahama, full of delicious local cuisine

Restaurants, diners and cafes which serve excellent tasty food, as well as products of local specialties such as Mikan mandarin oranges and seafood, are found here.


Access to Minatto
(Roadside Station Shop, Restaurants, Information Center and more)

5 minutes by car from JR Yawatahama Station
25 minutes by car from Ozu Interchange of Matsuyama Expressway
3 minutes on foot from Yawatahama Ferry Terminal