Yawatahama Minatto

Location:1581-23 Oki-shinden, Yawatahama, Ehime, Japan

Phone number:+81-894-21-3710

E-mail address:info@minatto.net


The Roadside Station Shop (Michi no Eki) Minato Oasis “Yawatahama Minatto” is the base of Yawatahama tourism.
It consists of “Agora Marche” where visitors can find local specialties made with local products and food court +cafe, “Doya Ichiba market” where fresh fish are on sale and “Minato Koryu-kan” where people integrate each other. It is a new city symbol.

Doya Ichiba market
Fresh fish just brought into the market is available. Not only professionals such as fish restaurants but ordinary people come to the market to choose ones among many kinds and buy good quality fish for market prices. The sound of “Doya (How about that…it’s good isn’t it?)” gives atmosphere of high spirits.

Doya Shokudo diner
Visitors enjoy seafood menu made with very fresh ingredients for reasonable prices. Barbecue of your choice is also available. In winter Kaisen Nabe (seafood hotpot) is also served. Please come to enjoy seafood that only Yawatahama can offer.

Agora Marche
Citrus fruits right out of the farms, other kinds of fruits and vegetables are found very fresh at the Farm-fresh corner. Souvenirs and gifts are available, too. Dishes made with seasonal local food are served at the Food Court and cafe. Bread and pizza baked in a stone-made stove are available for eat-in or take-away.

Minato Koryu-kan (community center)
It is a center for information sharing. Our visitors come to learn, and in some cases to participate in, sightseeing options, local products, event details, local activities and more. It is established to make a facility that maintains and develops the treasures of Yawatahama, taking a roll as a coordinator among different organizations and individuals.


Green Park
An open flat space for people to relax. It is also used for events and other purposes.
Visitors enjoy walking day and night on the 140-meter long, 5-meter wide boardwalk made of natural wood.
Kamaboko Curtain
Civic groups of Yawatahama got together in a community project “Making an Artistic Town with Local Materials” and built the curtain, an art work, made of 25,000 pieces of wooden plates used for Kamaboko fishcake production.
Public Restroom
In order to make it a symbol of Yawatahama Minatto the design plan was decided through open competition. The ceiling is made of woods that gives a motif of terraced mandarin fields. An inner courtyard is added in the middle to enjoy the harmony of nature. The facility has bright atmosphere coming from warmth of natural materials and lighting.

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posted on March 27, 2018

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