Heike-dani Valley Somen Nagashi (Thin noodles served in flowing water)



Phone number:+81-894-36-2414

Opening hours:9:00~16:30

[Bringing back a legend that have grown up around the downfall of the Heike (Taira Family)]
Heike-dani Valley with mountain streams and primeval forests is full of the beauty of nature such as blossoms of Sakura cherry, azalea and Japanese hydrangea in spring, shiny verdure in early summer, red and yellow leaves in autumn and blossoms of narcissus and Ume apricot in winter. Visitors enjoy walking in woods along quiet somehow mystic 2-kilometer long trail. Families with children can also have fun at the park where a 100-meter roller slider is installed. In addition to Somen noodle Nagashi (noodles are served in flowing water) visitors enjoy trout fishing and eating grilled trout just caught.


Somen noodle Nagashi is available in 2019
9:00 to 16:30, Saturday 27 April to Saturday 31 August
Inquiry: +81-894-36-2414 (during above mentioned period)

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posted on March 27, 2018

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