Residents of Isaki District show how to make “Satsuma-jiru” a local soul food 【Yawatahama FURUSATO (Hometown) Experience】

*Satsuma-jiru: hot rice topped with grilled then grated fish and other ingredients in miso based sauce

You will have an opportunity to learn how to make Satsuma-jiru, a local food of Nan-yo (southern part of Ehime Prefecture) which is also called “Satsuma” or “Iyo Satsuma.” Satsuma, written in Kanji Chinese characters “佐妻” (sa: assist; tsuma: wife), was named so because it is so easy to cook for busy wives with mandarin farm work. Moreover, Satsuma is very nutritious despite its easy process of making. Ingredients and cooking methods slightly differ from place to place; e.g., dried small sardines (called Iriko) have been used in the mountain area where it was difficult to get fresh fish. Common ingredients are fish and miso. Rice cooked with barley topped with Satsuma sauce used to be the standard. (It is more popular to have just rice without barley nowadays.) Aji (horse mackerel) and Kamasu (Japanese barracuda) are well-liked fish for Satsuma in Yawatahama. Tai (sea bream) is also used occasionally. You will experience making Satsuma instructed by the residents of Isaki District. You will also try to fix Sashimi and Osuimono (Japanese clear soup) made with very fresh locally caught fish. We look forward to having you here to experience this specific cooking, enjoy the taste of local food and gain the benefit of rich country life by integrating with the local people.

Inquiry/Booking: Yawatahama FURUSATO (Hometown) Tourism Public Corporation
+81-894-22-0855 (available 9-17:00 [GMT+9] weekdays only)
1-1-1 Kitahama, Yawatahama, Ehime, 796-8501 Japan
*Please contact from here.

4,000 yen (+tax) per person, for children of 7 years or older will be the same for adults, for children under 6 years will be no charge
min. 4 to max. 8 people
available throughout the year
Isozu Community Center
Meeting/Breakup at
Isozu Community Center
* Pick-up and drop-off service at JR Yawatahama Station or Yawatahama Port (ferry terminal) can be arranged for free of charge. Please contact us for more details.
Things to bring
apron, kerchief, towels


Q:How early do I need to book this tour?
A: In general, please contact us at least two weeks before.

Q:If I book the tour two weeks before, can you arrange the tour for sure?
A:Sorry, we won't be able to arrange your tour until we receive confirmation from the host organization.

Q:What about clothing and equipment?
A:We will provide you with necessary equipment; however, please prepare appropriate clothes for cooking and other items to be advised.

Q:How can I pay for my tour?
A:Please make the payment by bank transfer in advance.

Q:What if I have to cancel my tour?
A:If it is due to your own matter, the following cancellation fee will be charged.
・20% of the total price: 8-10 days prior to your scheduled date of tour
・30%: 2-7 days prior to the date
・40%: 1 day prior to the date
・50%: before the meeting time on the day
・100%: after the meeting time or no-show

【Important information】
・Please double check the capacity (number of people) that the host can organize the tour.
・Please arrange your own transportation to the designated meeting place. Detailed information including how to get there will be given once your booking is confirmed.

“Yawatahama FURUSATO (Hometown) Experience” Tour Program

Yawatahama, surrounded by the great nature… sea, mountains and rivers… where mandarin (Mikan and other kinds of citrus) cultivation and fishing industry are flourishing, has developed as the West Entrance of Shikoku Island. This tour program is developed for visitors to experience its nature, streets, industries, life styles, etc. through different activities integrating with local people and learn richness of attractive country life.
*The number of activities is to be increased.

Yawatahama City…

 is located at the base of the Sada Misaki Peninsula, the western most area of Ehime Prefecture. The main industries include agriculture of mandarin citrus cultivation, fisheries, marine product processing and shipbuilding. Yawatahama is recognized as the place of Mandarins for its quality and amount of production. The fish market is one of the biggest in Shikoku Island. The Roadside Station Shop (Michi no Eki) Minato Oasis “Yawatahama Minatto” was established in 2013 has had more than one million visitors every year since its opening. The city population is 33,798 (as of January 2019), and the area is 132.65 ㎢.

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posted on July 29, 2019

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